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These men are animals. They are filthy, rude, aggressive, and they smell as if they have never showered in their life. In reality, they haven’t showered since the last camp in Concord. I loved that camp as much as my home. The kitchens were larger and cleaner, and it was closest to home. I miss my husband and kids so much. I miss being able to watch them grow up, and I miss their company and love. Not being able to share memories with them is what hurts me the most. Here I fall asleep on a metal cot with no comfort to allow me to sleep sweetly. However, I do not regret leaving as a spy in Eli’s place. I cannot bear to see him suffer with his crippled leg. Through my dreams of home, I am able to escape the horror and disrespect I obtain here…show more content…
Today is the day the British go down, and the Americans go up because of my careful work. I am stuck. I cannot kill these people of my own kind. They can just kill me first. That is my plan. Wait they cannot. Colonel Elliot will never know that I am dead. He will be so lost. I will have to survive the consequences. I strip off my hat and coat and there is a gasp heard from across the country. The whole scene has paused. I am as frozen as a kid meeting the King. This is a mistake. This is definitely a mistake. The British colonel is heading toward me with a terrifying face. He kicks me in the gut, grabs me and takes me away without saying a word. He is going to shoot me. He has nothing with him. I will be preserved. Well, partly. I still live. Just in isolation. I was exiled to Quebec(Colley, Lydia). I am not sure where I am, nor how I am going to survive. This is not the heroic status I was hoping for. Being a spy sounds like one of the most rewarding and appreciated jobs, but all it has done for me is put me is to finish my life in exile. It may have been worth it, but I will never come to find out. Rumors say that the Americans won the whole war and have gained independence from England. We are now our own nation. I wish I were able to see it myself, but I only dream of how rewarding and glorious this new country is
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