Subway International And The Global Fast Food Industry

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Subway International and the Global Fast Food Industry Murad H. Yousef BU 502 - Applied Business Research and Communication Skills Southern State University August 21, 2015 Abstract This case study determines the critical success factors used by Subway Restaurants Corporation to expand nationally, which the corporation wants to use also to expand internationally. In addition, this paper describes the competition and the prospect success in Asia-Pacific and Latin America. In general, the fast food industry is discovered with respect to the history and future plans of fast food chain Subway international for expanding and accretion in Asia-Pacific and Latin America, containing the four factors that Subway should use to compete and success in those markets. Each proposed country market has unique cultural and religious requirements should be realized by Subway, as well as the consumption patterns, market trends, and the franchise values which determine from the local traditional fast food compared to the viewpoint of Subway’s healthy alternatives and low expansion costs. Keywords: Subway, factor, competition, expansion. Executive Summary Introduction The success of Subway started in 1965, when Fred Deluca took an advice from family friend Peter Buck, to open a sandwich shop to earn more money and to pay for his education. The first Subway branch opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Their target was to open 32 restaurants in ten years,

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