Subway Marketing Plan For Subway Restaurants

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Executive Summary
SUBWAY was started 43 years ago in the summer of 1965 an enterprising 17 years oldyoung man, Fred Deluca . Subway is the market leader in the sub and sandwich shops offering a healthier alternative to traditional fast foods. Subway‘s annual sales exceeded $
6.3 billion, while countless awards and accolades have been bestowed its chain over thepast 43 years . Subway has more than 28,000 units worldwide whilst its rapid growth hasattracted many investments and brought it many competitors such as KFC and Burgerking . Recent initiatives attract customers beyond Subway traditionally health consciousconsumers should incr ease the company‘s share of the fast food market. Subway 's marketing program addresses health, fresh, custom-made sandwichesexpectations of consumers through a number of approache sThe Subway concept of servingfresh made sandwiches on fresh baked bread, made right in front of customers, the waythey like it has proven to be a winning marketing strategy in Europe. Their customershave really respond to the high level of service that Subway restaurants are famous for.They have also become popular with health conscious customers in Europe who aresearching for higher quality fast food options.
Subway‘s low initial investment and ability to fit into unusual spaces are other reasons fortheir success. Without the need for heavy equipments for cooking a Subway restaurant isthe perfect business for the small spaces and tight real estate of U.K. Their…

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