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Research Report – Taking the Subway

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides an in-depth analysis of the conduct of a market research project exploring customer expectation, satisfaction and behaviour in relation fast food restaurants. Particular attention is paid to Subway restaurants outlining the key strategies needed in order to increase popularity and therefore visitor numbers.

The Research Focus forms the backdrop of the study highlighting the background of the problem of obesity levels and the availability of fast food choices. Secondary data investigates past research undertaken in customer satisfaction surveys and the market position of Subway in relation to its major competitors. The purpose of the study is also revealed here
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In United Kingdom, they forecast that Subway will have more stores than McDonald’s by 2008 (Kemp 2007). Much of Subway’s success can be attributed to its strong health message and with many cultures in the middle of wellness boom (Bounds, 2006). People now want fast food without the fat.

Globally, there is an increasing health problem related to weight and obesity. Research findings by the Better Health Channel (cited in Subway research contained in Appendix One) revealed that obesity is now a major societal issue with rates of obesity/overweight people rising from 52% of adult males in 1998 to 68% in 2000. The corresponding figures for females told a similar story with an increase from 36% to 53% for the same time frame. Inferences were made that fatty, unhealthy food was no longer acceptable and that competitors were beginning to move in on Subway’s territory.

Traditionally, the fast food industry has been associated with the cause of this health-related issue (Boyle 2004). Major fast food companies have been called to Federal Government summits to improve the quality of junk food (Wright 2007). While most of these major companies have now taken
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