Suc Communal Narcissism Theory

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In comparison, narcissists to other narcissists to some degree they all share similarities regardless of which category they apply. When deciding the abilities individually that we have compared to others, concepts of social comparison theories are made (Aronson, et al., 2016). For instance, communal narcissist experiences the qualities of those that are known as narcissists. Regardless, of having a distinct name for narcissist the theory remains that their thoughts and actions are based on the same level of understandings. However, differences can be noted through a larger view of oneself given examples such as their levels of assertiveness, competence, and authority, yet their thoughts remain as selfishness. Communal narcissism thoughts remain on the level that continues to see themselves with realizations of that life is all about self or the concept of I, also known as an addiction to oneself. Addictions come in many forms…show more content…
Addictions come in many forms such as drugs, alcohol, food etc.…there remains a dependency of such things. Additionally, the relationship that are compatible with narcissism that addiction have is a dependency of. As a result, of the nature of narcissism and being the victim of this relationship possess fearful indications of growth with more behaviors have been noticed since the 1980s, as noted by Aronson et al (2016). Another intriguing thought that comes to mind is how ones’ health is affected with the behaviorism of narcissists’. There is no doubt that it would be considered an unhealthy condition for narcissists’ reasons being because “they have no empathy toward others’, completely self-centered, less successful in business, more violent and aggressive, when others recollect their attitudes they are not liked by many people” (Aronson et al.,
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