Succeed The Negotiation Process And How The Participants Can Curb The Challenges Leading For Successful Transactions

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Succeeding in International Business Negotiations. Denise C Matowa Corpus Christi College BUSN 204 1.1 Introduction International business can be defined as the exchange of goods and services across borders through the use of negotiators. It can be thought of as the deliberate investment into another country with the gain of a commodity in the transaction. Through the fast paced train known as globalization, many companies have found international business transactions to be quite fruitful as they spread losses and create new opportunities for growing markets and raw materials. As mentioned before, international business transactions are made possible through negotiators; the focal firm, the government, distribution channel…show more content…
They too can affect the success of an international negotiation, but culture is the most predominant of the factors. 1.3 Culture as an influencer of the negotiation process. Culture has a rather vague definition as with negotiation, but for the purposes of this paper can be referred to as the shared norms, values and traditions that exist in a particular community. How do these affect the negotiation process? Salacuse points out the fundamental aspect of culture and challenges the reader to be cautious over the changing nature and diversity of culture (1991, p.218). He goes on to explain how culture may be compared to an onion, the outermost layer being the behaviour, followed by attitudes, norms and values. The key to understanding the negotiation process is to look deeper as you go from the outer layer to the core-the values. The first layer-behaviour-is the easiest to decode. It is the way the other party acts; may it be in words or in actions. It is the layer that the negotiator is bound to first perceive followed by attitudes which may be defined the way people in that specific culture act towards certain events e.g. in some cultures the negotiation process may highly value time punctuality whilst in some punctuality comes after organization of presentation formats. Norms follow afterwards and these are the accepted ways of life that govern specific situations. For example, the negotiator may some come to accept that punctuality is actually a rule and not

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