Success And Factors: The Success Of The Delian League

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The successful of the Delian League
According to Butler (2007), Athens victory over the Persian Empire in in 478 B.C.E was a moral boost for the city-state and it gave them a new sense of confidence. The cost of this newly gained self-confidence was all the destruction war had left behind, including the partial destruction of Athens, vineyards and olive groves. This fact combined with the threat of Persians’ return to Greece motivated Greece to unite and form an offensive against Persians; the newly formed Greek alliance was the Delian League. Both of its objectives – defending Aegean islands, and, liberating Ionian Greeks required a strong sea power. Athens had a strong navy and the experience to lead it and that made this city-state the best candidate for leadership (“Formation of the Delian League”). In order to evaluate the success of the Delian League, we are going to look at a few factors, including Economy, military control, the expansion of democracy, and achievements. Discussion
Economy and Military Control
Members of the Delian League supported the league in two ways: by paying money or by sending ships. Aristides of Athens, the leader of the allied who was also known as “The Just” was responsible for the assessment of these contributions (Eddy, 2007, p. 198). Athens now had a stable and growing
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On the other hand, it is my opinion, that in some ways, it would be even more incredible if Athens was not the only city-state that had a chance at giving its best when it had the chance, given the brilliant tactic of using the presence of a common threat to centralize wealth, political and military power, and, relatively harmonize state-citizens relationship. It would be even more incredible if the suppressed majority or non-optimal or highly dysfunctional states would contribute as much as Athens
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