Success And Failure Of Im Management

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Success and Failure in IM management
After graduating from Syracuse University, I aspire to become a Project Manager. I have chosen this particular professional profile since I have a work-ex of almost 3.7 years of IT behind me that helped me to understand how project management works. I was fascinated with the team dynamics that take place and leading a team of 4 people in my work place honed my technical skills as well. I am confident that I will be able to take charge of a project and guide it well – from the requirements gathering phase till the final testing stage.
1. A proper firm strategy – A firm strategy represents the manner in which the organization tends
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Celebrate their positive points and achievements and let them know where improvement is required. But, don’t let the feedback be anonymous. That leads to confusion and resentment. The best way is to provide open face-to-face feedback.

4. Putting the Infrastructure in place - When it comes to making information systems decisions, it is also important to consider the current IT infrastructure of the firm. The existing IT infrastructure, defined as the technological backbone of the firm, constrains and enables opportunities for future information systems implementations. Hence, timely updates should be made to the infrastructure.

5. Identifying and managing Organizational change - As a general or functional manager, one must pay close attention to organizational change. With the widespread adoption of IT by modern organizations, increasingly this organizational change is brought on by the introduction of new IT. The definition of information systems as sociotechnical systems is instrumental in helping you better manage organizational change. Specifically, we can identify three levels of organizational change brought about by the introduction of a new IT. First order change or the automate, second order change or the informate and third order change or the transform.

6. Developing a feasible IS plan - Business firms achieve their best results when a clear strategy and clear goals have been identified and lead to
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