Success And Student Success

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Throughout the years of education, and how important it is for us, especially for kids while I’m a student myself I believe that everyone needs an education. Being successful is always the main goal while gaining more knowledge from schools in which everybody understands if they want a marvelous life and be happy as well. Countless people have often researched the reason why students or people generally need the use of education and how it changes their ways of seeing objects in the real world. It doesn’t change the fact that, kids in all over the world they should have a place in education and work hard so that they can improve while understanding what they need to do without struggling or act in a rude way that most people see kids or students as. Anaheim schools can improve student success if the following changes take place: fewer summer breaks, longer school days and praise our student's skills and join an extracurricular, confidence.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. In 1994 a ballroom dance program was introduced to 5th graders from a New York public school in which they are required to take for at least 10 weeks, it would allow them to uplift young children due to the low facts on academics. In order for students to be successful at Anaheim High School, a student should be able to gain the confidence by joining a club with extra-curricular of dance, or sport. Why because in Mad Ballroom Dance Documentary

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