Success And Success : Malcolm Gladwell 's Outliers : The Story Of Success

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Wendy Villalpando
Professor Dobyns
English 100- CRN#10915
01 December 2015
Luck VS. Success
There may be no topic that more easily divides two set of people more than when they talk about success and luck. Some of them find it easy to associate success with luck rather than hard work and talent. Many conservatives would be the one to celebrate success as an almost imminent result of talent, effort, and hard work. Liberals, on the other hand, believe that even when people who work hard and are talented could sometimes fall when hard times are presented and associate that with luck. Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success, argues that factors and circumstances are those that will determine the person’s success rather than then hard work and effort. Many people would disagree with Malcolm Gladwell. The way that Gladwell portrays luck throughout his entire book makes success look like it is solely based on just pure luck; success has much more to it than just luck. It is true that luck can bring up opportunities but hard work can guarantee you to succeed in those opportunities. To be able to critique Gladwell on his argument on how luck will make you be successful, his words need to be carefully analyzed. The position many are standing in when it comes to actually critiquing Gladwell, is that luck can only take you so far but hard work and talent will cover the voids when luck is something that happens by chance. With hard work and talent, you actually create that
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