Success And The Downfall Of Brands

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Success and the Downfall of Brands Having positive brand awareness and recall is essential for building a strong brand. Being able engage the target market with the brand is also a basic quality that all strong brands have accomplished. After all, if the consumers won’t buy or need the product of service, how will success be possible? Apple, Ikea and Twitter have strong brands due to their demonstration of these qualities.
In 2015 Apple observed a 43% growth, making it one of the top rising brands. (Interbrand). Much of Apple’s success can be linked directly to the quality of their products and creating a unique customer experience. Apple creates top of the line products for consumers time and time again and as a result, they have positive brand awareness and recall. Even if a consumer has never owned an Apple product, awareness of the brand exists. The product design is functional and visually pleasing. Apple does a fantastic job of making the customer feel welcome and comfortable through in store interactions and online interactions. Employees are friendly and always willing to be of assistance in a timely fashion. All the products interconnect and Apple is counting on consumer to come back for additional devices.
A downside to Apple products can be the price. However, the product it quality and it will last. “Apple’s ambition to be a part of all facets of people’s lives has left few industries untouched” (Interbrand). With the release of the Apple Watch in 2015, Apple…
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