Success And The Downfall Of Brands

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Success and the Downfall of Brands Having positive brand awareness and recall is essential for building a strong brand. Being able engage the target market with the brand is also a basic quality that all strong brands have accomplished. After all, if the consumers won’t buy or need the product of service, how will success be possible? Apple, Ikea and Twitter have strong brands due to their demonstration of these qualities. In 2015 Apple observed a 43% growth, making it one of the top rising brands. (Interbrand). Much of Apple’s success can be linked directly to the quality of their products and creating a unique customer experience. Apple creates top of the line products for consumers time and time again and as a result, they have…show more content…
Adding the Apple Watch to their product line has been profitable as rumors of an Apple Watch 2 release already have popped up. (This covers up to market performance) Ikea’s approach to ‘DIY’ has been a massive success and they’ve built a strong based on this unique experience, and best of all, its affordable! Due to their approach to business Ikea is “The world 's largest furniture retailer by sales” (Mollnos). Ikea’s furniture allows room for creativity within the space being designed. Their affordable prices are ideal for the average consumer. Ikea has a fruitful way to bring in a younger crowd based on the success of their Instagram account. The account shows rooms transformed from dull and cluttered to organized and inviting. Being able to view real average people who have transformed their homes with affordable, modern furniture is an excellent move for Ikea. When shopping at an Ikea store, the products displays are meaningful and products that coordinate are placed together. This proves to be successful when additional furniture is purchased. Twitter creates a simple yet enjoyable approach to social media by keeping it all under 160 characters. “Meaningful connections in real time to simple amplified expression” (Twitter) is what Twitter specializes in. An essential element of the success of a social media brand is the appearance and function of their app, website, and mobile site. All three have smooth navigation
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