Success And The Field Of Construction Engineering

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What is success and how is it achieved in a particular field? The description of success in the field of Construction engineering has been different from the past to Present-days. Because the way of constructing building, roads and dams has been changing all the time. Notably Kerzner, (1998, cited in Khosravi and Afshari, 2011) asserts that meaning of success has changed from the decade to decade. He explains that in 1960s, construction success measured by whether the outcome worked or it did not. Then he shows that In 1980s, the terms of success factor was changed and construction success was defined in term of meeting three aims: time, cost and quality. While Shenhar et al. (1999, cited in Khosravi and Afshari, 2011) would seem to be…show more content…
Because it could be considered significant factor which may lead to success in terms of meeting time which might be argued by exports that time is likely the main measurement of success. Wiegers (2013) outlines that the time which is spent in making plan will reduce amount of unexpected surprises which must be dealt with later in the project. He explained that how it may be important if the plan is put at the beginning of any project. Also, he explained that the time which you spend to put a plan could be shorter than the time which may be spent on future problems. He explained that project time could be decreased by planning. As well he identifies that planning leads to meet the criteria of cost in construction projects. As a study on how to organize, plan and control (BIS, 2010) demonstrates that ' ' The power of the plan is that it gives you a baseline against which you can compare actual achievement, cost and time and determine the amount of deviation from plan and hence take corrective action if required. ' ' It shows that planning has been important for finishing projects in estimated cost and time. As a consequence, when projects will be finished in short time and estimated cost it might been considered by experts successful. For instance, ' 'the criteria of time, cost and quality have long been used to evaluate the
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