Success Do Not Come With Any Rules

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Success do not come with any rules. Success is when someone achieve their purpose or aim in life. It can come in many ways. Many people living today are a witness testimony that it do not take a university degree to be successful in life. A lot of people have achieved greatness and did not receive any type of degree. Although having a degree looks well, it is still no guaranteed job in a career of your choice. A university degree is not necessary to success because some middle, high, and low income people have still manage to succeed without going to college to receive a form of degree. The only education that is necessary to success is growing up being taught, because no one success rely on a paper crediting your abilities. A lot of people have made it and did not have any type of degree, although they had some form of education. Sports, music, and acting are jobs that people are successful in and did not receive a degree. Who said it is necessary to success? Athletics, actors, and musicians are people who have accomplished dreams and goals not because of a degree, but because of their natural talent that God give them. Everyone is not capable to perform the same task, so therefore why should a degree matter? Ryan Guina wrote, “You don’t need a college degree, but you do need an education” (Guina). A degree is a piece of paper approving that someone is ready for a position in a job. Why should one argue that it is necessary when not every task requires a degree?
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