Success Factors for an Ice Cream Retail Store

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Ice cream turn-around: Case study What are the Key Success Factors for a viable premium ice cream retail store? Key Success Factors (KSFs) are attributes that a business does uniquely well and no competitor can replicate. As an independent retail store, it is unlikely that this ice cream store can compete purely on a cost basis, given that chain stores and supermarkets can operate on economies of scale and offer lower prices. It is also unlikely that this store can offer more flavors to customers, given that Baskin Robbins offers 32, and many chains offer a wider variety of ice cream types. For pints and larger supplies of generic-tasting ice cream, the customer can go to the supermarket. This store offers the experience of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, a place where local residents can go on a hot summer night or after a softball game to and get high-quality ice cream that offers a truly special taste experience. Quality, rather than price, and offering specific types of ice cream (perhaps signature flavors, or specialty consistencies like custard) are how the store can remain competitive. Should the store produce on-site or use a contract supplier for its ice cream? The store should continue to produce the ice cream in-house. Given that it cannot compete on a cost basis, it must offer a higher level of quality than its chain and supermarket competition. Tailoring its offerings to consumer demands in a unique, non-replicable fashion is essential. Offering the

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