Success For A Business Analyst

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Success for a Business Analyst is not that easy to understand. This is because, when a project goes well, he takes a back seat. But, when there is even the smallest of problems, he is the one in the firing line. The role of the business analyst is to bring clarity to the project outcomes and getting the business to own the solutions. The success of a Business Analyst can be measured by answering the following questions:
a. Does the project deliver the anticipated value and meet the objectives of the business case? Is the business happy with the value that is delivered?
b. Are the stakeholders aligned around the project concept?
c. Are the stakeholders convinced that the solution being developed is the best possible solution to the problem they were trying to solve?
d. Did the implementation team deliver the requirements without a lot of wasted effort, were they in sync with the business analyst throughout?
e. Is the test team able to validate all the test scenarios or do they come across areas of ambiguity and need clarification from the business?
A business analyst that is successful, will have a positive response to the most of the above questions put forward.

On the other hand, consider the following scenario, every day a business calls upon a business analyst to determine what must be done in order to accomplish a given task. Each option is explored, analyzed and thought about for a project proposal to be implemented. The course of action that may or may not be…
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