Success For Your Educational Endeavors

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Success in your educational endeavors is a direct result of the goals you set and knowing yourself. Introduction
With all of the topics covered in this course there are a few that stood out to me as the key to my success. The topics are my learning style, the writing process and the extensive resources that are at my disposal with the University of Phoenix. From identifying my learning style to using the plagiarism checker this course has been a broadening experience for me. In this paper, I will discuss each topic as well as goal setting, critical thinking and outside sources.
Learning Style
Doing is what the homework revealed as my learning style. I wouldn’t have guessed that on my own. The exercise in the homework was helpful. Knowing that I am a “doer” will assist me in what types of courses I take. I don’t enjoy hands-on learning as much and learning online I believe better suits me. Knowing my learning style will also enable me to be aware when the learning environment isn’t conducive to my style and make me aware to focus more. The reason this is good is so that I may understand my weaknesses and address them.
The Writing Process
The writing process can be divided into three distinct stages: brainstorming, writing, and editing (Boylorn, 2008). Using the writing process that was covered in the course is much better than the way I previously wrote papers. I sort of just attacked a paper all at once versus pacing myself and using an…
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