Success Is Elusive In The Entrepreneur’S Efforts. Entrepreneurs

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Success is elusive in the entrepreneur’s efforts. Entrepreneurs face variety of problems in an endeavor to setup new enterprise particularly during the growth phase of the organizational life cycle (Syed Fida Hussain, Tahira, & Khalid, 2013). Although, the motives of an entrepreneur maybe to help others or to become wealthy; obstacles such as growth and unforeseen problems could depict challenges along the way. The behavioral health field is becoming more wide spread and an interest to entrepreneurs (Wei-Skillern, 2010). Nevertheless, behavioral health is a critical and often-overlooked component of a successful population health management program; a topic frequently discussed but rarely addressed comprehensively (Floyd, 2016). To address…show more content…
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was designed to help increase health insurance quality and lower the uninsured rate, by expanding coverage and reducing the costs of healthcare (Cooper & Gardner, 2016). This new wave of health insurance market reform brought about a lot of questions and changes, especially for individual health providers and small businesses. Since the reform, a number of insurers have withdrawn from individual health insurance markets because of heavy losses in the marketplaces (Custer, 2017). One of the ACA’s goals is to increase competition among health insurers and to move that competition away from risk selection and toward competition on the basis of the cost and quality of the health services in their plans (Custer, 2017).

A behavioral health leader can tailor a consultative model, such as a client center model, to health care reforms by integrating their model. The desired level of integration will depend on the organization’s patient population, characteristics, and goals they wish to achieve through integration (IHI, 2014). Understanding the needs and capabilities of the patient is pertinent for integration of services to be effective. Moreover, having a financial plan for covering costs of health care services is essential for meeting the needs of the patient. With the ACA program, citizens can have their behavioral health needs met and any pre-existing conditions met too. Most health care plans
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