Success Of A Diverse Workplace

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The people in today’s field of work has been greatly diversified since the early 1900’s. Diversity today means far more than just one’s race or skin color, it also includes gender, religious affiliations, immigrants and more. Coco Chanel, Steve Chen, and Liz Claiborne are examples of successful immigrant entrepreneurs in the workplace today. While it’s great to have a diversified workforce, and significant process has been made over the years, there are still struggles with this changing status. Two of the more common challenges are communication and a resistance to change. Each individual communicates and expresses opinions differently. Also, it’s hard to adapt to change when something has been done the same for several years, or someone has been brought up all their life believing in one thing. One of the most important challenges in a diverse workplace is management being able to attract and motivate employees and an innovative work environment. People also tend to work well and associate with people like themselves. And while it may not be intentional, individuals have stereotyped others because as we’ve grown older we learned to interpret the world in a way based on our experiences and backgrounds. For instance, the media portraying a killing on the news can be easily distorted by our beliefs and values. While managing diversity isn’t easy, managers must confront these issues to create a successful workplace. With today’s diverse workplace and the growing presence of
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