Success Of Building High Performing Teams

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Success in building high performing teams in any organisation has huge benefits for the business, its Customers, the teams and for each team member. To achieve success in team building, it is important to have a tight focus on the objectives and goals, as well as on the benefits of team building for that specific business or workplace. The Overall Objectives Some think this is about playing silly games, or indulging in expensive and irrelevant out of work activities. The managers or business people who believe this will quickly dismiss the concept as a total waste of money and energy. Others who have problems in their workplace with conflict in groups, poor performance or demotivated staff may see team building as positive, but as an…show more content…
It is at this stage that team building activities will help bind them. 2. To align them to their shared purpose, goals and targets 3. To establish a positive team culture, the beliefs, values and norms of behaviour 4. To establish the role of the leader The Objectives at the Second Stage Some of the initial objectives will continue through to this stage, but other goals will be introduced to develop the team further. This stage is called the Storming stage, where members may challenge their shared purpose, the leadership or the norms of behaviour. The objectives at this stage are: 1. To keep them aligned to their purpose and goals 2. To develop good working relationships between all members, giving them experience of working with different team members 3. To nurture shared problem solving and generating new ideas 4. To introduce processes so that they work effectively together e.g. daily huddles, flash problem solving meetings, regular state of play meetings, communication systems etc. 5. To establish clear short term goals and methods for celebrating achievement and milestones The Objectives at the Third Stage When the team has worked through the Storming stage, they will have become closer, and will have a deep sense of working together to achieve their shared purpose. This stage is called the Norming stage, where they work well together and has effective processes and systems. To get the
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