Success Of Friend Z 's A Regional Based Coffee House

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The success of Friend-Z 's, a regional based coffee house in the United States, is in its tenth year of business. The small business venture, which began as a cooperative college project, has grown into one of the best coffee houses on the college scene. Friend-Z 's success has sparked the interest of its partners to take their small business to the next level by expanding into the global market. Competing globally would allow Friend-Z 's Coffee House to take advantage of a larger customer base, opportunity to be a stronger competitor, and thrive in diverse environments. Friend-Z 's international business will increase their client base with every new opening. They are not restricted by location or tied a region with failing economics. Therefore, opening Friend-Z 's to the option of an online market. Friend-Z 's will be able to rise as a stronger competitor in the coffee market, especially in countries with fewer competitors. The presentation of the coffee house will be crucial for becoming comparable or communicating its uniqueness. Friend-Z 's existence in the global market opens up their business worldwide. This business move releases dependency on the local or regional market in the United States, reduces growth restraints, and allows movement from potential economic unrest. The advantages of Friend-Z 's beginning a global business are promising, but it would be wise to consider the possible negative factors before going global. Friend-Z 's plan to move forward in

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