Success Of The Enterprise Management Strategy Change

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In today 's global business environment, more and more important to the success of the enterprise management strategy change. Ford, for example, is a famous auto company with a long history, as the second largest car factory ford does have a unique business. While ford cars gradually established production bases in different parts of the world, and has formed the independent status of the world 's affiliates. During the period of the competition to follow, the ford motor is used to keep the strategic advantage for a long time, facing the Japanese car company "low price, high quality" of market competition, market share is declining, as a result, the ford motor company has launched a strategic change, in addition to the layoffs to reduce…show more content…
Middle leadership, they need to communicate the top leading ideas of strategic change of organization at all levels of employees, and supervision and guidance of their work. Therefore, middle managers in the process of enterprise strategic change is also very important, they should not only explained to all staff on the concrete scheme of strategic change, and to ensure the strategic change of direction no off the top leader of the planning. Managers in the organization will show different leadership styles, mainly divided into the transformational leader, the transactional leader, and situational leadership. The transformational leader is characterized by they will usually have a vision and planning for the future, and other employees work together to push the organization to achieve goals, they tend to use various ways to stimulate the motivation and potential of the staff to complete the organization 's strategic change. On the other hand, the transactional leader tends to take advantage of the organization system and management system for employees, for example use rewards to encourage employees to be able to complete the task well, at the same time set the punishment for those who didn 't reach the target of employees. Another manager will show different leadership styles, they
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