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The most important thing in life is thought to be happiness. In order to achieve success you must adjust to every situation with ease. When we use the term successful it does not mean the same as the conventional definition. The definition we are referring to is to be able to overcome hardships, nothing relating to business. Today the world is something of a giant melting pot of people. Communities everywhere are interblended with people from different places and of different backgrounds. Inside these communities there are also many different mental/physical/physiological disorders and/or many people with family problems and work problems. Needless to say today’s society is one that requires a great many different and specialized doctors…show more content…
There are three ways in which stress can be beneficial and can have positive effects. Stressful events help to satisfy stimulation and challenge. Stress can promote personal growth and self-improvement. Finally stress can protect people and harden them so that they are less affected by the next day’s stress.
Since stress is an everyday event and cannot be avoided most times it is important to learn to cope with that stress. One way to cope is by doing self-talk. Which is fairly self-explanatory. It helps people to see their options more clearly. Another method, which would help, is when people talk about their stress with friends, family or professionals. Every time someone employs one of these methods it is beneficial to their mental health which is beneficial to their mental wellness and to the people they interact with. When someone is successful in combating stress it shows throughout other parts of his or her lives. They experience better health both mentally and physically and from there they are able to be successful at other parts of their lives. They then are able to adjust using one of the described methods as treatment for any future stressors using this experience as a tool to get through the next one.
People who are able to adjust to stressful situations are better equipped to cope with extreme situations like depression. Millions of people

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