Success Vs. Failure : Success And Failure

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Success vs. Failure Success is something that most of us want to achieve in our life. The definition of success may differs and varies among each and everyone of us. Nevertheless, we all have something that we want to achieve in our lifetime, and that is the most basic definition of success. However, most people do not realize that to succeed, they must overcome countless failures and obstacles. This speaks truth for a close friend of mine; hence, she always looks down on herself. My friend currently participates in SCC tennis team, where she always complain about how bad she is, and everyone else is virtually better than her. Whenever she loses games, she will blame herself instead of seeing those failures as a spring to help her becomes a better tennis player. Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, authors of an article called The Confidence Gap describe this as “internal attribution” where which people associate failure with their inability to do better (Kay and Shipman 26). Instead of look for other reasons such as not everyone is in the same tennis level or the opponent simply has more experience and practice. This lead to the question of how can most people achieve their goal if most of the time all they see is a future full of failures and obstacles? People who are successful know how to overcome failures and posses character traits that help them continue to have a successful life. Failure is something that happens to everyone no matter who we are. For that reason, people
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