Essay on Success: You can do it!

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You can do it!

Success is to fulfil a goal that you have set for yourself. Achievement of success involves five components: realisation, confidence, motivation, action and perseverance. Step one is to realise your goal and how to achieve it. Step two is to have the confidence to take the steps towards your goal. Step three is to find motivation to keep you on the path towards you goal. Step four is action, the first physical step you take in the process for success. Step five is perseverance. On the road to success, you will most definitely come to setbacks and struggles. The only way to conquer those things and achieve your goal is to have strong perseverance. As David Brink said, "A successful person is one who
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Without that fuel, you will go nowhere. Motivation can be a number of things. It could be family, money, fame, fear of failure; anything that makes you strive for your goal. My motivations are to: become famous, be able to live comfortably, and to be able to raise a family. I will hold onto these things and will keep moving towards success. Nelson struggled with his motivation, “I felt impressed with a feeling that I should never rise in my profession. My mind was staggered with the view of the difficulties I had to surmount and the little interest [influential friends] I possessed. I could discover no means of reaching the object of my ambition. After a long and gloomy reverie in which I almost wished myself overboard, a sudden glow of patriotism was kindled within me and presented my king and country as my patron. ‘Well then,’ I exclaimed, ‘I will be a hero and confiding in providence I will brave every danger.’” He found his motivation to be patriotism to his country to be known as a hero.

Step 4 – Action

Action is the first physical step you will take in success. Action is bringing together realisation, confidence and motivation. This is when all your planning comes together you start actually doing the things you need to get to your goal: putting your plan into action. I got into a group where we film rock concerts. I have also signed for a course on how to use professional video and editing equipment. I

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