Success and Failures of Peacekeeping Operation in Africa

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Peacekeeping is a core function of the United Nations (UN). Its ability to conduct peacekeeping is a remarkable instrument developed by the UN as a way to assist countries in conflict to create a lasting peace. The UN has tried its best to meet the demands of the different conflicts and changing political landscape. Some of the most challenging conflicts in the world at the moment are in Africa. Many factors contribute to the need for peacekeeping missions in Africa, not least the continent's history of colonialism and conflict. The end of the Cold War coincided with the collapse of state institutions in countries like Liberia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, and the Congo (DRC). Disputes over natural resources such as diamonds
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United nations Mission in South Sudan ( UNIMISS )

* Two countries namely Sudan and South Sudan have begun the process of negotiations in June, but the process has moved slowly - slowly and was partly counter-productive. Until the two countries came to an agreement on the issues persist, South Sudan will continue to be a fragile country.

* In June, the two countries begin the process of negotiations. This is because, in April the Security Council said they would impose sanctions if the two countries are not broker a comprehensive agreement by August 2. The process moved slowly over the summer, but in August of South Sudan recommend the payment for oil exports, the Sudan agreed, on condition of tighter border security.

* The agreement is still to be finalized. An interim agreement was set in August based on this provision, the cause of the Security Council to extend the deadline for them to impose sanctions until September 22.

* Negotiations began again September 5. Both countries and mediators hope that these talks will produce a basis for peaceful relations between the two countries and allow the oil to start flowing again. Progress has been made, on Aug. 31, the two countries agreed to reinitiate flights between the two capitals, which were discontinued in April.
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