Success in the Music Industry

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Jillian Rotsky MUSC 244-01 Midterm Essay October 11, 2009

"Modern music is people who can 't think signing artists who can 't write songs to make records for people who can 't hear." Frank Zappa

Starting a career in the music industry is a difficult task. There are many important steps that you need to take along the way, and the path is often long and confusing. The people that you meet along the way will guide you along this path, and hopefully help you become a music industry success story. The goal is to not let your message get jumbled and distorted beyond your control and lead you to disaster. The number one person in your path to success is yourself. You need to start the work required to
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Your manager also helps you develop who you are as an artist; your personal image is being developed here. Do you begin to appear in public with other artists of the same level of success? Do you volunteer time and services for charitable purposes and do you begin to identify those charities whose interests you feel you can advance by your involvement? (Thall, 2006) This image will develop and change overtime due to the music industry environment and the people you become associated with along the way. You manager will also help you create your promotional package. This package with be distributed to many people in the music industry, including people in A&R. The A&R department of a record label is often regarded as the gatekeepers of the record company. A&R is the department of a record company that finds and or develops bands, songwriters, or musicians. More often than not A&R reps help out with a bands artistic and commercial marketability. Think of the A&R Department as the middleman between the band and record label. A&R Department Responsibilities may include some or all of the following: locating bands, songwriters, and musicians for their record label, negotiating contracts for a band or artist, finding producers for recording the band, locating recording engineers, scheduling time to record the band, scouting songs for a band from music publishers with whom they have relationships, and listening to demos from bands. A&R Reps from
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