Success of Aquinas’s Cosmological Argument

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Thomas Aquinas’s cosmological argument is a posteriori argument that Aquinas uses to prove the existence of God. Aquinas argues that, “Nothing can move itself, so whatever is in motion must be put in motion by another, and that by another again. But this causal loop cannot go on to infinity, so if every object in motion had a mover, there must be a first mover which is the unmoved mover, called God.” (Aquinas, Question 2, Article 3). I do agree with Aquinas’s cosmological argument in proving the existence of God with several reasons. According to the cosmological argument, first of all, Aquinas claims that, “it is impossible that a thing should be both mover and moved, namely it should not move itself.” (Aquinas, Question 2,…show more content…
They believe that it is possible to trace back through the causal chain infinitely. They think that non-existence of infinite causal chain is just dependent on our common sense or experience, but common sense does not always present the truth. Nevertheless, Aquinas points out the relationship among first, intermediate and ultimate causes and argues, “In the world of sense, there is an order of efficient causes, the first is the cause of the intermediate cause, and the intermediate is the cause of the ultimate cause.” (Aquinas, Question 2, Article 3). So there is a transmission among causes, and Aquinas claims, “If it is possible to go on infinity, there will be no first efficient cause, neither will there be an ultimate nor intermediate causes.” (Aquinas, Question 2, Article 3). But taking away the cause is to take away the effect, so we cannot break the connection among causes. As a result, I think although human being has limited knowledge and experience, Aquinas uses the rational demonstration to prove that the causal chain must have a beginning rather than infinity. All in all, Aquinas’s cosmological argument really convinces me. He provides enough evidences to prove his ideas about causation among objects, the finite chain of causal loop, and first unmoved mover who is God. I consider the cosmological argument is a good demonstration to prove the

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