Success of President George W. Bush

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Being one of only two President whose fathers were former President, George W. Bush had big shoes to fill. To establish himself as a separate person, Bush did his best to publicly distance from his families privilege life. Although this in did not apply to all aspects of his presidency, Bush handled both foreign and domestic affairs in a way he thought to be most successful for the nation. Entering into his first term as President, Bush had some domestic changes. He severed America’s ties with international health programs that penalized the practice of abortion and limited government funding to go towards embryonic stem cells research. While the disuse of abortion and embryonic stem cells was viewed as successful by the unborn child, it angered many Americans, especially knowing that scientists believed the cure to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's diseases could be found through embryonic stem cells. To the pleasure of oil companies, Bush advocated for a new oil exploration of the coast of Alaska in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and allowed his Vice President to negotiate his administration’s energy policy with large oil companies during “closed-door” meetings. However, this and a number of other harmful acts angered environmentalists, including the rejecting Kyoto Treaty which would have limited greenhouse gas emissions. Perhaps his largest affect on domestic affairs was the $1.3 trillion dollar tax cut, which turned out to be unsuccessful as the federal surpluses from
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