Success of a Brand Name: The Case of Tourism Noosa

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Executive Summary Success of a brand name that is potent enough to convey the quality of the product to the customers is widely depended on the brand positioning strategy. This majorly deals with the appeals the brand name offer to capture equally the mind and heart share of the market in a way that the world may have never seen. The conditions that may prove favorable to successful branding are a brand name should be comprehendible, memorable, easily pronounceable, associations affiliated to a brand, the strength of competitors' brand name, and the legal registration of a brand The great brand names seeks success once they inhibit a market on the basis of how comprehendible a brand name is, this is mainly because the words project both the meanings and the feelings. So a brand name must be comprehendible enough to communicate the overall brand strategy. That could either communicate the functional aspect, an emotional aspect or a set of straight forward communicative meaning. Media is one among the most influential factor that serves as the central force of attraction in all contemporary societies. The conservative societies might find it hard to acknowledge the reality of this fact but once we glance over the scattered impact of media on our minds and behaviors we are left with no option but to admit to the fact that media reflects us, our culture and above all shapes the reality of our worlds. But as far as the contemporary societies are concerned media and

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