Success of a company mainly depends on how effectively a manager can integrate the overall business

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Success of a company mainly depends on how effectively a manager can integrate the overall business function, where integrative management, responsiveness, globalization and financial sophistication acting as driving forces for the emergency of supply chain logic. As a Business graduate, I always look forward to studying such program which can purify my Knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. I would like to express my interest in applying for the Masters in Supply Management program at LUT. My bachelor’s degree is directly related to this program and this provides me with a competitive edge and backgrounds to thrive in this programme. Having studied business cases, journals and business courses written by international renowned…show more content…
Additionally, living in this country will facilitate my future integration into any organization and permit for easier communication as well as give me the confidence to work with people of diverse backgrounds. Supply management is the process of obtaining and managing of products or services needed to operate a business with a view to keeping costs stable and use resources effectively to increase the profit and efficiency of the business. Studies of this area will broaden my horizon to understand about different concept of business and technology,recent applications and methods in supply management those will me in problem solving,decision making, and will improve my enalytical skills. I have completed my BBA from Jagannath University-a government funded University- major in Management Studies and got CGPA 3.28 in the scale of 4. Throughout my Bachelor studies I acquired knowledge in diversified areas including Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Operation Management, International Business etc which enlighten my strength in the integration of business activities. In my entire program I learned theoretical understanding in depth about the business operation management. The above mentioned qualities along with my
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