Successes And Failures Of Stresemann

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Stresemann was a politician of the Weimar republic after Ebert. When Stresemann came into power, Germany was still under the influence of the effects of the treaty of Versailles. Germany was in economic peril, owing 6600 million pounds to the victors of the First World War, militarily crippled as the armed forces were reduced to only 100,000 men and no battleships, no armored vehicles and no aircraft or submarines as well as no troops in the Rhineland. The war guilt clause, article 231, also left Germany hating the allies and the treaty of Versailles as they thought it was unfair. Stresemann entered Germany when it was in a state of peril, however, one could argue that his successes outweighed his limitations and he was very significant in the recovery of Germany after 1923 until his death in 1929.
When Stresemann came into power, there was a major financial problem in Germany; Hyperinflation. This was caused by Ebert who printed more money than they had gold in the reserves. This led to the Reich mark becoming almost worthless in comparison to the dollar or pound over a very short period of time. Stresemann solved this major issue by introducing a new currency which solved this problem. This new currency was called the Rentenmark. This helped with Germany’s recovery as the Rentenmark helped increase production levels and therefore
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Socialists thought that he was accepting the treaty of Versailles by signing these treaties by accepting territorial terms and he was not well likes for it. Communists however, thought that the Locarno treaties were a secret plot to destroy communism, especially in Russia. One could say that the Locarno treaties were a success as they allowed Germany into the League of Nations where Stresemann could voice his opinions on an international scale and therefore were more important than the unhappiness of some people in
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