Successes in American Sport Films

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Successes in American Sport Films Sport Industry and Film industry are both highly developed in America. As a result of that, putting sport elements into movies is a good way to maximum the effect of entertainment. As an international students, though sometimes there is language barrier, it is still a great honor to have opportunities to watch considerable good sport films this semester. While I enjoyed the wonderful exciting stories, the American value system, especially the value of success, always impressed me deeply. In China, people are always talking about and eulogizing American Dream, which is defined as a belief that, in the United States, truly anyone can make it. That is to say, American Dream is that everyone can…show more content…
After a thorough investigation of committee from War Department, the thing told in the letter is proved to be true. The committee recommends that all cheated students should be dismissed, which causes heated debate in Congress. Some Members even demand the reinstatement of their enrollment. Students also write articles to newspaper, to absolve that cheating in athletes, and even in all students are commonplace things, schools should not dismiss them. However, these efforts failed to save their fate. They all are dismissed in a cheating scandal which broke the Academy’s Honor Code. Needless to say, the most impressive scenario is near end of this movie. Young players got their certification from the president and dismissed one by one, with tears. The young actors accurately showed emotions of dismissed students. They should have graduated and worked as a military one day, but due to that scandal, all promising future disappeared. We could easily feel the cruelty from that scenario and begin to think of the importance of righteous, especially for army in 1950s. Some people may also think it is too strict for them, so it is hard for present people to empathize for them. With increasing modernization and commercialization, wealth is always at the first place in several people’s dictionary, leading honesty. However, nowadays we should still try to be honest in our daily life. From

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