Successful Approaches For Investing : A Literature Review

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Successful Approaches to Investing: A Literature Review Introduction Larry Ellison creator of the Oracle Corporation a 447.2-Billion-dollar multinational computer technology corporation, Mark Zuckerberg founder Facebook a 370-Billion-dollar social media service, and Warren Buffet founder of nothing. Among these three men who is the wealthiest? Shockingly, Warren Buffet is the richest with a net worth of 66.4 billion dollars. Warren Buffet utilized his investing acumen to go from a total net worth of twenty-thousand at twenty-one years of age to a total net worth of sixty-six billion at eighty-six years of age. He is not the only person who has been wildly successful on the shoulders of investing alone; men like Carl Icahn, Ronald Perelman, Mikhail Prokhorov, Philip Anschutz, and Harold Simmons are all comfortably in the “billionaire’s club” largely because of their excellent investments. Many scholars believe that certain strategies can be effective in “beating” the market over a long period of time due to the vast amount of empirical evidence. However, there is still a significant degree of uncertainty as to the effectiveness of one strategy over another amongst institutional investors and scholars alike. The vast majority of experienced investors believe that diversification, patience, and value are the three columns of successful investing. On the other hand, many researchers are still in disagreement about how viable other strategies such as growth,
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