Successful Content Marketing - Art Or Science?

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Successful Content Marketing – Art or Science?
How many times have you created a blog entry or web copy that you thought was original, engaging, and informative, only to have it fall flat when it came to generating traffic to your blog or website? Great content needs to resonate with the appropriate audience. Having a clear understanding of what interests and drives your prospects and customers, then delivering content that taps into that interest is both a creative art and a science. The most effective content marketing – the kind that increases traffic to your blog or site - combines creativity with the science of analytics, using processes, performance measures, and data analysis to ensure engagement. A content marketing strategy that doesn’t include data analysis is missing the key puzzle piece that holds the whole thing together.

Best in class content marketers who think seriously about how data impacts their content marketing strategy and who take a data-driven approach are seeing it pay off. Why? For these reasons:

Content drives buyer behavior
You can’t deliver relevant content without knowing what inspires your customers or prospects to buy. The only way to know is to use performance and customer persona data to segment prospects and customers into targeted groups based on behavior, and then to deliver content that genuinely helps, informs, and motivates your customers on their journey to buy your…
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