Successful Is An Objective Or Purpose?

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Successful is defined as accomplishing an aim or purpose; having achieved popularity, profit, or distinction. This is a definition that Amara carried with her since she was eleven years old. That was the year that she learned life lessons that were taught way too early. She can still hear her mom saying to her, “Amara you are the most beautiful girl in the world. You’re very smart too. You can have anything you want in this world if you use both of those things to your advantage. Be successful.” Amara was seventeen years old now and definitely held that advice very near and dear to her heart. She still couldn’t believe the events of that night when her mom gave her that advice. She was going out to “work” again tonight. Her usual 11:00p.m.-5:00a.m. shift. Amara knew a long time ago her mom was a prostitute but hadn’t come to care. She actually admired her mom for doing it. She looked at is as her mom going to the ends of the earth to make sure that Amara had anything she wanted. Amara had top designer brand clothes that the other kids in school couldn’t even pronounce. She never was hungry and never went without. Amara and her mom lived in a big house with her mom’s boyfriend/pimp. Amara’s mom was a beautiful women named Keisha. Keisha was brown-skinned with deep green eyes. She had long natural hair that was thick and ended at the end of her spine. She had the perfect body shape that women dream of. Most of all she was smart and never game goofy. I think thats what
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