Successful Leadership As A Leader

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“successful leadership is having followers who believe in the leader”

What would one call successful leadership, would it be controlling others around you, or having followers who believe in their leader. The quote that Successful leadership is having followers who believe in the leader, will be analysed through this essay. Piece by piece you will find that leadership is not only about taking a stand, not only about controlling others but by having the support of everyone around you to believe in what you are leading. Through theories and thoughts of professionals, this quote will become unpacked and the true meaning of a successful leadership revealed.

The quote “Successful leadership is having followers who believe in
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Without one another you are useless. This is why having your team support you and you supporting your team you are able to lead them in the direction that you want to go and they will happily follow. Sonja Tansey from National Child Accreditation Council wrote an article in the “Putting children first” newsletter about the importance of teamwork in the early childhood setting (Tansey, 2006). Tansey said that team work is important as it helps the children to develop, role model, improving self-esteem, job satisfaction and morale of careers and staff. It is also important for developing positive outcomes for children’s development and the provision of quality care. In saying this without belief in leaders, and leaders not believing in their staff, there would be no teamwork with in the service.

Murry Edelman once said “Leaders lead, followers follow, and organizations prosper.
While this logic is pervasive, it can be misleading. Marching one step ahead of a crowd moving in a chosen direction may define realistically the connection between leadership and followership. Successful leadership is having followers who believe in the leader. By believing, people are encouraged to link positive events with leadership behaviours.” (Bolman & Deal, 2003) This defines the quote as leader can lead and people can follow but leadership never really works unless people believe in each other to achieve success.

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