Successful Leadership Case Study: Barack Obama

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Successful Leadership Every institution, religion, governments or any other organizations have leaders, however, not all leaders are considered to be successful. Some leaders are in fact considered to be the downfall of their countries for example dictator Idi Amin and Adolf Hitler to name a few. So what makes a successful leader? A successful leader is one who gives people a clear vision for the future, what they can achieve and not to be too fixated on the present. He needs to inspire his subjects or rally them to a cause. Of all the qualities which leaders have which endears them to people is the ability to walk the talk. Barrack Obama, the current president of the United States ascended to power in 2008 displaying to the American public all the qualities mentioned above. He overcame major obstacles in his path which endeared him to many even beyond the borders of the United States. He, being black, ran for an office which had been previously been held by white males for centuries. He had a short experience in politics, 4 years to be precise but that did not deter him from taking on renowned names in the Democratic Party. His success has inspired many around the world. Obama's democratic leadership style enabled him to capture the US presidency as he was able to inspire the American people in a time when the economy was undergoing a downturn. He adopted "Yes we can" mantra which became the slogan of his campaign. The message was to come together and bring real change to
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