Successful Marketing Strategies of the Company, Cofeelcon

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Marketing Strategy
Presently, CoffeeIcon has three store locations and a user friendly website that displays its coffee, coffee accessories, coffee brewers, sodastream products, and tea in a very organized manner, including an option to chat live with a customer service representative about any product or service questions a customer may have. CoffeeIcon also targets commercial business by offering coffee brewers and an assortment of coffee products that a typical vendor cannot match with its same day shipping. In marketing its business, CoffeeIcon uses several social media outlets like: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Linkedin, and Twitter.
Marketing is how a company informs its customer base of its products or services and what to expect from the company currently and in the future. However, as much as a website and social media can help market CoffeeIcon’s business it does not seem to be effectively reaching many local and surrounding area consumers of the great products and services CoffeeIcon has to offer. In a survey conducted by our group revealed that 85% of the people had never heard of CoffeeIcon. We believe this lack of customer awareness is due to the mediums of marketing CoffeeIcon currently applies. According to surveys, websites rank 4th and social media ranks 6th compared to more conventional ways of advertising to target current and potential customers (Berland, E.). We will propose three more conventional types of advertising that will

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