Successful Marriage : A Social And Spiritual Relationship Of Man

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Successful Marriage People all over the world understood marriage as a social and spiritual relationship of man and woman. Most religious institutions exclude homosexuals. According to a Merriam-Webster Dictionary “Marriage [is] the state of being united to a person as a spouse in a legal, consensual, and contractual relationship recognized and sanctioned by and dissolvable only by law.” However, this formal definition does not picture today 's times. The modern definition can be constructed as a formal union between heterosexual or homosexual couples. Although many people are getting married today, but also many are getting divorced. A successful marriage is defined as a couple with children, who communicate to achieve…show more content…
Some couples wait to have kids. But raising children gives many wonderful, unforgettable moments like the first word, the first step. Additionally, when the mother and father work together, help each other with the kids and they witness together these moments they are happier and that is what makes a marriage stable and generally more fulfilled than relationship without offspring. Wilcox and Marquardt in their report conclude, “Parenthood has been and remains a central aspiration among Americans...In this report we find that married parents are more likely than their childless peers to feel their lives have a sense of meaning and purpose. We also find that parents who are married generally experience more happiness and less depression than parents who are unmarried” (Wilcox and Marquardt IX,X). This shows that working on the growth and development of children, seeing their progress and achievements brings couples closer and results in a successful marriage. That process helps a lot with good communication and accomplish compromise. Marriage helps people work on their differences. Often, a marriage is between people from different homes, societies, religious, countries, influenced by teachers and students at schools, coworkers at work, by listening music, reading books and articles, watching pictures and movies and many more. During marriage these distinctions
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