Successful Program Philosophy

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What type of building blocks is needed in order to build a successful program? There are many ways of building a successful program, but what are the right ways of doing so? How do you determine a successful program? Is it by the wins and losses or is it by the number of athletes making it to the next level? A successful program is building a solid foundation with a philosophy that the head coach feels fit into his system. As Brown states, successful coaches have a philosophy that guides them and defines their teams” (2003, p. 13). Coaches need to know where they are going and believe that they will reach that outcome. Keys to fill the philosophy will be communication, recruiting staff members and athletes into the program, and leadership.…show more content…
Before holding a first team meeting, a meeting with the coaching staff should take place. Having a staff handbook with expectations and goals set for the season. First thing that should be covered in the coaches meeting is the philosophy of the program and how each coach should believe in it and enforce it throughout the year within the program. Second, the basic principles of team should be discussed. These principles include; being loyal to one another and the program, being worthy of inspiration and confidential, be prepared and willing to learn, be able to work hard and be a problem solver, and lastly, be a servant and a peace maker. Discuss their role to the team. Obey the chain of command and be able to teach, evaluate, and motivate your athletes. The yearly schedule should be handed out at the meeting and also emailed to everyone, in the case of losing the original copy. Responsibilities of each member should be clear and in writing. Head coach must make sure that each of his/her staff members understand the importance of their role to the team. The head coach should also express how much they appreciate each and every one of them. Credit their hard work and encourage those that need a little push to do
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