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1. What termination method does it appear the company is using with Regency Project?
The company is using the Termination by starvation method, because the project is not outright act of termination, but using a willful form of neglect by slowly decreasing the project budget to make so it cannot remain viable. 2. What are the problems with motivation when project team members perceive that a project is earmarked for termination?
The lack of motivation plays a major role in the development of a project; if members feel the project is not important you want get their full cooperation in the process. The will be no need for urgency, they won’t give input, or idea to move forward, and unflavored behavior will express. If leadership
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First, once the project is near completion the staff may have fear of no future work which can make them loose interest in the remaining task. Also involved in loss of project derived motivation and team identity. The staff behavior is able to define verbal or nonverbal clues that will allow one to make adjustments to maintain one has to consider the effectiveness in ever changing situations. Now let look at the emotional client side they have problems dealing with the change of team member, and the new attitude of the members. They may not have the same available key personal to rely on, and lack of trust me develop. You will find that most people will change their behavior based on the customer’s actions and

Reactions, because one behavior will adapt to certain personality in order to survive future requirement once in a competitive project environment. Now when looking at the Intellectual side the two main points that arise are internal and external. The internal aspect is dealing the basic material needed, staff, and order of supervision, for example does the staff have proper certification needed to help the project move in the right direction. The basic overview of the task, work order is consider, while making sure one identify the outstanding commitments that can control the challenges they arrive during the course of the project. The external aspect consists of agreements with clients on remaining
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