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Nowadays, it is really important for sports organizations to set themselves apart from other organizations in the industry. That essentially determines if an organization is more successful than others or not. Trying to capture the audience and build up a fan base is not always the easiest part to do within the sports industry especially in today’s world where every organization competes against each other to sell more tickets and make more revenue. However, the main question is how can sports organizations separate themselves from each other, create a fan base that is very supportive and stay competitive within the industry?
That question can be answered with one simple word: storytelling. People have always like stories especially when they feel like they are emotionally engaged in the story. And that is where a sports organization needs to start. To be able to set themselves apart they need to be able to tell a story that the customer believes and trusts in - a story that is not only given by the sports organization but something creative and well-thought through so that the fan feels involved and part of the team. And the better a sports organization can tell their story the easier it will be to sell tickets to their customers. Right along with
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For example the Marketing Department of the Arizona Diamondbacks is always trying to build up a strong fan base. In order for them to establish that they need to make the fan feel involved in the action. One thing that the Marketing Department of the Arizona Diamondbacks would do is creating theme nights at games. A theme night might involve Zombies. Therefore, the fans who like Zombies would come to the game because they like Zombies and would be captured and engaged on an emotional level with the team which then follows into them buying tickets for specific
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