Successful Students Take Notes

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Successful Students Take Notes


Successful Students Take Notes
Successful students are always looking for ways to improve their study skills. One habit all successful students demonstrate is taking notes. Note- taking helps to monitor your reading and understanding of material. It does no good to take notes if you are unable to comprehend the material. There are many different techniques for note-taking. Not only can read and highlight, or write down notes, but they can use alternative strategies as well. The best note-taking strategy is different for every student. It is important to adjust your note-taking style to your learning style. One way to determine your learning style is to take the VARK
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They will lose perspective in a flood of highlighted text if they don’t practice some restraint when highlighting.
If reading and writing is not the best way for you to comprehend and retain information, perhaps alternative note-taking techniques will compliment your learning style. The aural learner can use podcasts, audio books, or read notes aloud while recording them to play back at a later time. Diagrams, charts, and video are good resources for a visual learner. All of the above mentioned strategies are complimentary to the kinesthetic learner. Kinesthetic learners benefit from using all of their senses. Video entertains sight and sound. Audio entertains sound and perhaps the kinesthetic learner could read along with the audio, mimic, or gesture and move about the room while listening. In 2001, with the use of the Study Habits Inventory( SHI; Jones and Slate 1994) there was a study conducted evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of study skills of a group of graduate students. They found that the method in which notes were taken was related to the understanding of the information the students were studying. According to those conducting the study, Onwuegbuzie, Slate, and Schwartz (2001), the more successful students were observed to do the following, “With respect to taking notes, the students tended to report that they used notebooks rather than loose paper. The students also were unlikely to use a tape recorder
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