Successful Team Building Crosses All Lines Of Industry And Discipline Essay

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One of the most challenging and rewarding tasks for managers and leaders is creating a team that can operate smoothly and efficiently without the need for constant supervision and direction. This is considered the gold standard of management and managers who can consistently achieve this goal will always be in high demand. The need for successful team building crosses all lines of industry and discipline (Francis, Young, 1979). Whether it is a team of scientists doing lab research, a virtual team creating a database, a sales force out in the field, or a group of high level managers planning a new department or merger, without properly structured and maintained group dynamics, it will prove difficult for them to perform well and yield an excellent result. The company discussed in this report is engaged in the application of fertilizer and weed control products to high maintenance turf grass, primarily in a residential setting. The president of the organization has become aware of varying levels of success in different departments throughout the organization with regard to team building. In order to address this situation and improve overall performance, he directed upper management to plan and conduct a meeting for all management personnel. The focus of this meeting was to address all potential concerns, and allow all managers to share the methods they have been using to build teams within their respective departments. Failures and successes were to be documented and

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