Successful Teams Within The Organization

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Successful teams within the organization are comprised of many effective techniques used to arrange the staff into self-managing, productive teams. There will be a balanced distribution of power among the members in each team, created by intentional observation of employee strengths and performance (Pimenta, da Silva, & Tate, 2014). It is suggested that teams be held accountable for joint planning, improving communication, and developing a mutual understanding for the shared goals (Pimenta et al., 2014). The major characteristics of the teams are power distribution, team performance, applied goals, shared vision, and measured impacts of integrations of the organization’s procedures (Pimenta et al., 2014). Other significant characteristics of the organization’s teams are improved collaboration, value of input of all stakeholders, and fostering a climate of accomplishment (Arbabi & Mehdinezhad, 2015). It is crucial to implement structures and policies, due to the hierarchal tiers of the organization that create and sustain a culture of respect, collaboration and inclusion of input from all parties. It has been researched that with improved communication and collaboration, teams are more apt to guide the organization to flourish in multiple realms (Arbabi & Mehdinezhad, 2015). Independent teams are fundamental to the success of the organization because they create diversity of competencies within the corporation (Cross, Ehrlich, Dawson, & Helferich, 2008). According to Cross
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