Successful Users And Leaders Of Big Data

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Successful users and leaders of Big Data: Over the last decade, organizations thriving on their competition by leverage analytics as the tool for their business decisions. Big Data technologies have enabled businesses to get insights that make them competitive. Following are some of the companies who have performed much better, even in the recession era, in their verticals by leverage Big Data. UPS: UPS tracks data on 16.3 million packages per day for 8.8 million customers, with an average of 39.5 million tracking requests from customers per day. The company stores over 16 petabytes of data coming from telematics sensors in over 46,000 vehicles. UPS tracks delivery truck data around their speed, direction, braking, and drive train performance. This data used to monitor daily performance and redesign of UPS drivers’ route structures. This initiative, called ORION (On Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation), is arguably the world’s largest operations research project. It captures online map data to reconfigure a driver’s pickups and drop-offs in real time. The project has already led to savings in 2011 of more than 8.4 million gallons of fuel by cutting 85 million miles off of daily routes. UPS estimates savings of $30 million per day, so the overall dollar savings are substantial. The company is also planning to use data and analytics to optimize the efficiency of its 2000 aircraft flights per day. (Thomas H. Davenport, 2013) Caesars Entertainment: Caesars (formerly
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