Successfully Mentoring of Empolyees on the Growth of Diversity

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The growing diversity within organizations has made it crucial for managers to mentor their employees as a “tool to nurture and grow these individual” (Bailey & Cervero, 2002). The Successful mentoring of these individuals also translates into positive outcomes for organizational initiatives. Nonetheless, the cultural characteristics of this diverse population has also made it harder to understand how to properly mentor these employees. Mentoring across cultures boundaries is an “especially delicate dance that juxtaposes group norms and societal pressures and expectations with individual personality traits” (Bailey & Cervero, 2002). The following areas of focus are crucial building blocks for a successful cross-cultural mentoring relationship between the organization and its employees.
The first area of focus is an individuals’ performance. It is crucial for all employees to know if they are performing well, and a manager “does a disservice to employees when he or she does not let them know that their work is not meeting the required standards”. An employee needs their managers’ feedback in order to correct the actions that do not correlate with the organizations objectives. For example; an employee might feel that they are performing above par because they produce more quantities of product within the department. However, this employee might be incorrect if the deviation of errors in their work is higher than other employees and the organization prefers quality…

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