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Succession planning is a standardized approach to an organization success in building a powerful leadership and a talented group of employees to ensure superior leadership continuation. It is essential that ABC Aircraft propose a succession plan in order to continue business beyond the next generation of leaders. Whether through private owner transfer to senior management or a leadership position transferred to a qualified family member, the purpose of the succession plan is to make it easier to continue the business success. By implementing a succession plan procedure, ABC Aircraft is preparing for a crucial decision that will have an immediate and direct impact on long-term aircraft business success in every area of aviation.
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It is also critical to decide what is “currently available in their workforce in terms of high potential employees who might be able to step into these positions with training and development” (Keller 48A). The last assessment should be to fill in any gaps and recruiting potential employees for long-term commitment. By meeting with the leadership, one can learn what future goals are expected from the company and what visions are in place to help expand the company for a successful future.
Once the assessment information has been gathered, the succession plan development can begin. The development process is based on various job skills and employee experience. In order to recruit talented employees, human resource management must team with the companies top executives to gather the appropriate data for analysis; for example, job descriptions, resumes and career files.
The meeting between leadership and the human resource department will help to focus and elevate the many challenges of diversity, recruitment, and most importantly retention of employees when implementing a succession plan. This basis will ensure that the employees will get the appropriate training for the jobs they are best suited for. After the assessment information as been collected, the training and development of employees should be directed toward these positions, or a particular job. The employee

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