Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Essay

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          SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a leading cause of death in infants under the age of one, has left medical experts unable to clearly define sudden infant death syndrome. After thirty years of research, the medical field has not discovered definite causes for SIDS. Medical experts have suggested many theories that have been studied and debated.           In the Western world, SIDS is the most common cause of death for infants between two weeks and one year of age, but SIDS also occurs throughout the world. SIDS most commonly happens during sleep, although it can occur anywhere, such as in baby carriages, safety car seats, or…show more content…
(National 4) In another study at both Harvard and Dartmouth, medical researchers stated that SIDS babies probably have a defect in the brain neurochemicals that usually operate the protective responses to changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.(IntelliHealth 3)           Placing an infant to sleep on its back has been a universal prevention for SIDS and may be the largest contributing factor for the decline in SIDS cases. In the last two decades, the cases of infants who died from SIDS declined by more than 50 %, with less than seven infants per 10,000 infants that died from SID. (American 1) A campaign, called "Back to Sleep," was launched in the United States in 1991, in an effort to inform parents that they should place their infant on their back when sleeping. Many parents, mainly among minority families, are still unaware of this prevention step. Other preventive measures include: breast feeding, not smoking during and after pregnancies, and parents should not to sleep with their infants. Another prevention device is the movement monitor, commonly called apnoea or breathing monitor, that supposedly sounds an alarm after 20 seconds, if the monitor is unable to detect an infant's breathing movement. The monitor utilizes sensor pads but it does not monitor air flow. Movement monitors are widely used but there is no evidence that proves the monitors actually can
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