Sudoku-Personal Narrative

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I'm finished. Every other student is still deep in concentration on his or her work, but none of them appear anywhere near done. I glance down at my watch; eighteen minutes remain to finish the worksheet.
As I wait for time to pass, my eyes slip closed and my imagination wanders. My mind knows no boundaries and every thought that passes through it is given plenty of consideration. With all the time I have in class to myself, I have created in my mind a fantasy that never fails to amuse me. I begin a journey through my mind, searching for a trace of the fantasy so I can resume its creation....
“Would you like your Sudoku book?” Startled, I open my eyes to see my teacher hovering beside me. Subconsciously, my hand reaches out for the book; my teacher places it in my hand and walks away. I stare blankly at the book and feel myself wishing that I hadn't finished the worksheet yet. Then I wouldn't have to do Sudoku for the millionth time this year. Or maybe my teacher could start giving me harder work like my second-grade teacher always gave me.
“Are you okay?” I look up from the Sudoku book, which I suddenly realize is still closed, to see the girl sitting next to me peering at me questioningly. I nod at her and she resumes working. Settingthe Sudoku book aside, I decide to storm up to my teacher; I can't do
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Maybe I could start reading books regularly. I had always been told that I was a strong reader. Regaining some faith in my teacher, I let her guide me over to the bookshelves and listened to her talk about how there were so many great books to read. Once we reach the bookshelves, I stand there in awe. I have never once glanced over here before. The shelves are packed with books, each one looking a little different that another. I pick a few up, looking them over to discern what each one is about. Before I finish reading over the fourth book's summary, I make myself a promise: I will read every one of these
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